The YouTube app will NOT - I repeat will NOT - under any circumstances update itself


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Jan 6, 2016
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Hi all.

This is a copy & paste by me from the Vodafone forums w.r.t. trying to update the YouTube app through Google Play Store. I spent several hours on this problem.

"I just wasted a whole bunch of time going through trouble-shooting steps with Google Play Store. NONE OF THEM WORK. The YouTube app will NOT update no matter what you try. The Google Play Store forum is a complete waste of time - they keep posting the same 'solutions' that have been tried hundreds of times by hundreds of users; but none of these 'solutions' work. Some people have even taken the extreme step of a factory reset of the phone and even that didn't work.:-o In exasperation I finally called Google Play Store Australia on 1800-093-181 - they blamed the problem on YouTube itself! :-o What a crock."

"I rang back Google Play Store Australia . . . after a wasted hour with the rep, he agreed to send the matter upline to software technicians. About friggin' time.

I am using version 5.1.1 of the Samsung S6. The only solution at present is to use an apk mirror file - download the file and open it (you will find it under 'My files' and 'Download history') with the Package installer and you will have the latest version of YouTube which is 11.04.55. This latest version was released 4 days ago. The link you need to type into your browser to get the .apk file is YouTube 11.04.55 (arm) (480dpi) APK Download - APKMirror. You will also need to go into 'Settings'; 'Lock screen and security'; and allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store."

Btw, make sure you follow those instructions exactly - they are safe and they work. Type the URL EXACTLY as it is written into your browser. Do NOT just go to the apk mirror site and download the entire mirror of Google Play Store - too risky. All other apps - to the best of my knowledge - are updating correctly through Google Play Store except YouTube. So you only need the .apk file to create the updated YouTube app. And make sure you find the file and open it with Package installer (this option will automatically pop up for you). Follow all that correctly and you'll be fine. And yes - all that fuss & bother was worth it - the new YouTube app is heaps better than its predecessor, definitely a big improvement.


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