[THEME] Android Market

Kevin Gossett

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Sep 9, 2010
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Hey everyone, I have been searching for a black themed market to go with Super Dark, and came across this on the i9000 forum on XDA.

Normally I would be very wary of flashing anything from another device, but I channeled my inner gunnermike and took the risk! ;)

I did take necessary precautions: nandroid backup, rename vending.apk and moving to SD card in case I had any issues.

I first tried flashing the zip with CWM but it didn't stick. So I unzipped and pulled the new vending.apk and moved it /system/app using Root Explorer. Reboot, enjoy!


Disclaimer: I don't take responsibility for anything you might do to your phone in the process of trying to replicate my results. Nothing should go wrong, butbyou never know!