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Oct 10, 2011
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Are there certain elements of the framework-res and systemui apks that you shouldn't change in a stock based rom when you are themeing them?

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Nov 25, 2010
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Doing a theme on the framework-res and SystemUI are up to you. The biggest thing to be careful with any theme work is careful with the ".9.png". These are tricky to play with. They have their own custom formatting called Draw9Patch which is part of the Android SDK. These png's are specially formatted to stretch to certain dimensions. In a nut shell these files when properly done have hidden black lines or dots on the exterior edge of the graphic which tell Android how far and where to stretch the graphic. These can only be seen when you decompile the framework or apk's your working on. Then once you make your changes you recompile the apk and if all goes correct your in business.. If its incorrect normally it will fail the recompile of the apk.

There are various guides available to aid you in working with these. Normally if your theme comes out looking screwed up or something FC's its due to a badly formatted or improperly changed .9.png

My opinion this is probably the most common made error when themes are done to any apk is working with the 9's. When it comes to doing code changes, well thats another story for another time ;) All depends on what your doing...
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