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After 10 years on iOS, I recently purchased a Pixel 2 XL. I like a lot about it, but there are some big and small things that I really miss from iOS. Anyway to make these things more iOS-like? (BTW, I can't root phone, because it is the Verizon version.)

1. Notifications not popping up while using phone. I can see notifications on the lockscreen, but if I am in an app, I don't get a "banner" like I did on my iPhone. The exceptions are whatsapp and textra- both of those apps do show a banner. But others (email, facebook, instagram, messenger) do not. Anyway to change this?

2. Long-press on lockscreen notifications- On iOS a "3D" press on a lockscreen notification brings up a menu with options based on the app (reply, mark as read, delete, etc) On Android a long press brings up a pretty useless setting menu, while swiping down brings more info. When I have a lot of notifications swiping down scrolls the notifications though. I know I can press on the down arrow to bring up menu, but I would much rather have a long press bring up the menu like iOS. Is that possible?

3. iOS lockscreen notifications have a lot more lines of text visible. Is it possible to show more lines on android?

4. This is picky, but on iOS the battery indicator turns green to indicate the phone is charging. Is this possible on Android?

5. iPhones have a switch to quickly turn phone to silent mode. I am fine with not having a switch on android, but it seems odd that there isn't a toggle on the swipe down menu. Anyway to add a silent button to the toggle menu?


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Jul 7, 2013
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Let's see how we can help you with some of these...

1 - It appears as though this is not possible by default. I don't see the needed option. To see what I'm talking about - go into settings, apps and notifications, tap the item to see all apps and then look at one of the ones that you DO see the banner for. See the "allow interruptions" item? That's what allows that to happen. Gmail does not have that option.

2 - I think you'd need an alternate lockscreen, though, if you want to have any of those long-press items - if one will even do that (I have no experience there).

3 - It sounds like you're aware of the gesture/process to show more and get additional actions. Just as with the second question this may require an alternate lockscreen.

4 - You get a lightning bolt in the battery indicator. Changing the color MAY be possible if you have an alternate launcher (such as Nova) but I don't think those do much with the notification shade and status bar.

5 - DnD mode. You can edit your quick settings panel (see that little pencil?) and move the icon for that into one of the more prominent positions so it's quick to access. Then just pull down the notification shade and tap that. You can configure how that mode works in your settings but I think the default is that only "favorite" or "VIP" contacts ring automatically while others will need to call you 3x to finally get the ring to happen (though you'll still see the incoming call screen each time).

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Nov 26, 2017
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I recommend that you go to Settings and explore everything. You will find that you can recreate the iOs look and feel through icon packs, using a launcher other than Touch Wiz. There are ways to see as much of a message on the Lockscreen as you want. You can change the battery look and color indicator dozens of ways. Google some of your questions for step by step instructions and suggestions for apps to be like Apple.


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Jan 4, 2018
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@hallux OP here. Thanks for answering. For #5 , I am looking for vibrate mode. Doesn't DnD disable the vibration as well? I just hate having to touch the volume button to go to vibrate mode, because it is a pain when listening to music/podcasts.

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