Think my google chrome on my phone has a virus


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I have an lg k7 not the greates fone, but iam pretty decent with anything android. Except i think ive some how gotten a virus in my phone, or atleast in google chrome browser, if i use my back button to get back ro home page (when after history and saved sites have been clened should direct u back to ur fones home screen if googles home page and uve cleaned it, once ur there u hit back u should end up on ur dievices home screen b off google chrome) but no matter what i do my phone vibrates and gives me a waring and a count down that says i have 4mins 30sec to download 360mobile security or my lg k7 will have unrepairable damage. I was able to overwrite that message for about month, but now its back cant get rid of it currently have downloaded 360 mobile security (wich i hate the app just like clean master it wants u to install applocks, wich i get paid to remove) but i dont know what to do, i think i caused it because i dont get alot of my apps from the playstore. PLEASE HELP IF ANYONE CAN.


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Aug 14, 2016
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Try booting into Safe Mode. Tell us what that does.

I dont know if my reply to the post went through or not, but my "warning " is still there, when i go into chrome, my google homepage shows up, but when i hit my back arrow that dam page popups no matter how many times i clean history cache, ive even unistalled it but to no avail. If i do have a virus its my fault, just hopeing to find away to get rid of it.