Think you have battery problems?


Jul 5, 2011
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LOL, that's not far off from the five I had: two 1400mAh, two Rezound 1620mAh, and one 2750mAh extended. I originally started with just two, a standard 1400mAh and the extended, but grew tired of the bulkiness of the extended, so got an extra standard along with a Seidio Multi-function battery charger and swapped em out as needed. Then shortly after the Rezound came out and word spread that its standard battery worked in the Thunderbolt, picked up two of them and used them as primaries for a year (cycling in the two standard from time to time as well) before finally retiring all of it this past November when moving on to the Note 2.

In all honesty, while I enjoyed my time with the Thunderbolt, can't say I miss managing those batteries and the phone's battery life. It's simply a night and day difference compared to the Note 2 which gets phenomenal battery life even with its larger display. IMHO, HTC really needs to focus on drastically improving battery life on their phones, not to mention bringing back user replaceable batteries (ex. their One series and latest Droid DNA have non user-replaceable ones) if they want to have any chance of a comeback. Samsung in particular, as well as other OEM's just seem to really be pulling away in this regard (and in overall battery life) compared to HTC. Myself, I can't see ever considering HTC again in the future unless they close that gap.
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