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Thinking about getting rid of cell phone and forwarding everything to Note 3 8.0 with VOIP.


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Dec 2, 2013
I currently have a Note 2 with AT&T and I like it a lot. The big screen is awesome, but I want to go bigger. Is it possible to do VOIP (voice over i.p.) with a standard flip phone and have calls and texts forwarded to the note 8? Does VOIP work over 4g or only over wifi? Has anyone done something similar? I went to the AT&T store today and was told I could get a data plan for the Note 8 and unlimited text and talk with a flip phone for the same price as my current plan. I would appreciate any thoughts suggestions or comments from anyone who has done something similar.
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Darth Mo

New member
May 17, 2010
First, I'm assuming when you say "Note 3 8.0" you mean the 'Note 8.0'.

The setup you are describing is impossible at the moment. The flip phone means no Android therefore no apps so all it will be able to do is standard calling and texting using your AT&T number.

The Note 8 isn't a phone, so you can't use it to completely replace a phone. The closest feasible implementation would be using it with a Google Voice number. You can send/receive texts and well as check voicemail on the Note 8, but that's it. One downside to that though is your texting number will be different than you're calling number.

I imagine in a few years the whole telephone system as we know it will go away...at least how we use the front end. Text and calling will be all direct IP. The backbone for communication is all digital now, but the cell carriers will continue mile customers by separating voice and data for as long as they can, even though it's no different to them.