Thinking about switching to VZN, ETF and Subsidized phone Q???


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May 27, 2010
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So I joined sprint 2 yrs ago with EVO 4G, then upgraded to EP touch last year Oct because Sprint gave me a courtesy upgrade (so I still paid 200 bucks last year).

And now I am already itching to get a new device. I am looking at the EVO LTE which frankly I love... but evaluating how I use my device, I figured my biggest peeve right now is actually the network speed.....

I hate waiting for video to load, pages to refresh.. and i don't mind paying more for that... and i realize sprint's LTE is probably not going to do it for me... maybe in 2 years.. but i am tired of waiting for network vision deployment... i am in bay area... and wi max is still spotty at best...

So that brought me to thinking about switching to verizon for GS3.... and i guess my question is.. given I am not even 1 yr into the contract.. i know i would have to pay ETF for sure....

but IF i get gs3 from VZN, am i eligible to the new contract pricing of 200 anyways??? (given it's a different carrier)???

if it is.. then the phone is 200 bucks, and ETF is 300 ish?? ... then total is still 500 bucks??? that's actually CHEAPER than if I were to stay with sprint, and buy the EVO LTE off contract..

is that right???



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Sep 5, 2010
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A contract with one carrier has nothing to do with a contract with another carrier.

Heck one contract with a carrier has no bearing on another contract with the same carrier for that matter.


Mar 9, 2011
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Math seems right. My question to you would be are you figuring in the extra $$$ every month for vz? I'm currently on verizon with two months to go on my contract (droid x) and I'm counting the days until I can move to sprint. The price difference is staggering to say the least. right now I pay 143$/mo for family shared 2000 mins, unlimited text, and of the two lines only mine has data (unlimited, which is going/gone away). At sprint, I'm looking at two lines, 1500 mins and BOTH with data for 132$ (corporate discount). Vz doesn't have unlimited to any mobile, only vz to vz, which makes a large difference in our usage. All said and done, it would be 65$/month more for the same two lines on Verizon. I can't imagine the Sprint network being slow enough to justify paying that much more per month. Vz is charging 50$ for 5 gb of data now,, yikes.

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Nov 8, 2010
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If start off Verizon if you are worried about price...the sputtered it's nice but sprints doing a good job of playing catch up with the network. Also got the go ahead to start phasing out the old towers and upgrading them to 4g. I like their chances if they keep consumer costs remotely reasonable. Take a look at the new shared data garbage, you are looking at one gig for ninety a can blow through that in a few hours if you wanted to.

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