Thumbnails in Full Picture Modus of S7 edge gallery


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Jan 15, 2017
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I have recently switched from a Samsung S5 to a Samsung S7 edge.
In the S5 built in gallery, whenever I was looking at a picture in full screen view, I had the option to tap the picture and would then see a series of thumbnails at the bottom showing the previous and later pics. While I was able to stay on the same picture in full screen view, I could rotate through the smaller thumb nails.
On my S7, I don't seem to have this option. Tried to find out, if it's a different gallery app or if it's more to do with different gallery versions, but frankly didn't get very far.

I've used that option a lot, since I could select multiple pictures for sharing in the small thumbnails, while verifying the details in full modus. Currently, I can only send one single pic from full modus or then return to the album and see only small pics without seeing any detail and having a good comparison when comparing the pics.

Does anyone know, if it is possible to get that feature back? Even if it is in another app?


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Jan 17, 2016
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I don't think the stock gallery app does that, Apple probably sued Samsung for copying that function...
Look around on play store maybe..