Thump in the Night


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Jan 8, 2013
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Newbie question:

I just got a Samsung Galaxy Discover, which was a cheap Boxing day buy. ($69 prepaid) My problem is when I connect to stereo for playback by cable I get a loud thump when I end apps or after songs. Loud enough to blow my speakers, if the volume is at max. The click function is turned off. Ideas?

So far, the only suggestion has been related to having cheap sound card, the phone is resetting its output. I didn't realize that possibility when I bought it.....Suggested fix was using notch filter/eq to minimize that frequency...but then I would lose that frequency entirely, and that notch may not be available in simple 5 band eq. Can I put a compressor or limiter app to cut off that spike?

My Bberry also made some thumps, but not as bad. iTouch doesn't thump, so it's not the stereo, or cable

thx in advance!