Thunderbolt vs myTouch 4g


Jan 12, 2011
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So Tmobile is doing that free phone for valentine day sale.
I live in hawaii so there is no 4g conntection here, and i dont think we will recive 4g connection for a while.
the service for tmobile is pretty good here in hawaii and verizon is good as well.

so i was wondering what i should get
the myTouch, i dont know much about it,
but i have been lurking in the thunderbolt forums for a while now and i love the thunderbolt and i would love to have it

i was thinking of getting a 1 year plan on the thunderbolt and thats $319
so i can get a free phone for a 2 year plan, what should i do?
would the thunderbolt be worth the money? how does it compare to the myTouch?

what do you think i should do? would it really be worth it?

also here is a review for the thunderbolt that just came out. wirefly made the unboxing eailier now they uploaded the review
YouTube - HTC ThunderBolt Review - Part 1
think it would be a good review going over the performance of the thunderbolt

martin erwin

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May 18, 2010
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I live in Hawaii and we will have LTE here by the end of summer on o'ahu, not Enhanced 3G being marketed as 4G by a company that can't afford to build towers.
T-Mo actually has barely adequate coverage on O'ahu, if you're not inside, and practically none on the other islands.


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Oct 8, 2010
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I know this is a T Bolt thread, but I'm really, really tired of my blackberry.
I'm picking up a MyTouch 4G tomorrow from T Mobile to play around with and re-acquaint myself with Android in anticipation of the T Bolt.
My buddy has the MyTouch 3G and he absolutely loves it...and he's not even a techie type.

TMobile gives you 20 days, no questions asked. And to be honest...the sales guy was just awesome, helpful and honest, not pushy, ignorant or arrogant.
If my company didn't pay for our work phones and we weren't tied in to Verizon, I would seriously consider the switch...:)

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