Tip: How to (Sort of) Get Voice Mail Notifications


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Dec 24, 2009
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Voice mail notifications thanks to Verizon is all kinds of fun. They will not work while the phone is powered up. We are talking basic, every account includes it, Verizon voice mail.

Here is what you can do to get notifications.

1. Hit mneu, got to Settings. Tap the Call menu. Under here, there is an option called Clear voicemail notification. If you have a voicemail, this will not be greyed out. Sorry, can't tell how many you have from here.

2. Reboot your phone. Often upon boot, the vm indicator will work. Once. Never again till you reboot.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode. Same as above. The vm indicator should work. Once. Never again until you toggle the mode or reboot.

I'd like to thank Verizon and HTC quality control for the need for this message.