Titanium Backup Pro: Couple of questions


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Oct 6, 2010
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Hi all -

I finally bought Titanium Backup Pro because it's getting to be annoying to restore my apps one by one.

Couple of questions hoping someone can help me with,

1) I have custom ringtones for certain people. Is there something I can back up to restore those automatically?
2) Can I back up email accounts and settings? I'm annoyed with having to re-enter in my email info and preferences every time.
3) Widgets and apps - Other screens - This one isn't a big deal but I have to reset the locations of where I put my apps and my shortcuts. Any way to restore the locations?
4) Call histories - Bugs me that I lose these every time I re-flash a rom. Can I restore these?
5) Bookmarks
6) Roam settings
7) Alarm clock time and tone - I keep forgetting to reset when I re-flash.
8) Voicemails

So what do I need to back up these settings? So far I just back up apps because the Rom Dev says not to restore all settings.

After this, I should be good, I seem to have the hang of the rest. Thanks!
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Mar 9, 2011
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Wrong section..try in the rooting section. I feel you on the ringtones. Everytime I flash I have to reset ringtones for contacts. You can backup bookmarks, but when you restore...restore data only on bookmarks. I am using chogardjr2.3.4 and v1.3. I switch between the two.


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Apr 20, 2010
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TB does have the option to restore "all system data." This may include some or all of the items you listed below but I never use this particular option because it usually leads to issues (especially when restoring to a different ROM from which the original backup was made).

1. I always have to reassign ringtones also. This may be possible if you choose the restore all system data option but its just not worth the potential issues to me.
2. Yes, this is definitely possible. I also have several email accounts. The one thing I have found though is that while restoring account settings works fine for something like hotmail, the Evo 3D does not like it when I restore an Exchange Activesync account so I always put in the information for that account manually.
3. This one may also be covered by using the restore all system data option but again, I just don't use it.
4. I believe this is possible.
5. Yes, definitely.
6. Not sure, may be covered by the restore all system data option.
7. I believe I have seen an option/entry to restore these but I don't use my phone as an alarm so can't say for sure.
8. Yes, visual voicemails can be restored.


Mar 12, 2010
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I like to change roms frequently and have found an app on the Market called "Back My Tones" with this you can make backups of your contacts ringtones and restore them. It works great for me. I would like to know which app to restore to get bookmarks back up in Titanium.....I agree that the restore system apps will fix most of those problems but will usually cause some new ones so I dont recommend that you do it.

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