Tmobile - Note 3 reception issues. WEIRD ISSUES!!!!


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Jul 31, 2013
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I am sorry if this has been discussed on here but after much searching on Google/Androidcentral I still can't find good info. I run a lawn care business and this is my only line for the company. My wife and I have lived in our current home since 2006 and we have had Tmobile the whole time, and about 4-5 years ago we ditched the land line and only use Tmobile for home. We both got the S3 about 2 years ago which worked perfectly, but about 3 months ago I upgraded my line to the Note 3 and it has been downhill ever since! I no longer can send MMS from inside my home (I could before), it is hit or miss if I can send a normal text, about 90-99% of the time if I can send a text at home I will not receive the reply until I leave the house, or do the IN Airplane mode/Out of Airplane mode. Calls are sketchy at best, and without wifi calling turned on they are pretty much 0%. On my old S3 I NEVER used wifi calling, and I could always send MMS from inside my home.

Here is the weird part......

The same time I got my Note 3 suddenly my wife's S3 which she has had for 2 years started giving her the almost the same problems. She can no longer make calls without wifi calling turned on, she can't send MMS from home, when she tries making calls at her work (45 minutes from our home) she often gets the problem where it ends the call immediately until she does the Airplane mode trick.

On my phone even in areas outside of my home with a good signal I rarely get a incoming call, but instead I get voice mails that just pop up. Yesterday I had 3 bars of 4G (not at my home) and yet I got 2 voice mails with not missed calls.

I have called Tmobile multiple times and the can't find the issue with either line, and it has even been sent to their engineering department which after about a week closed the ticket which the Tmobile rep reopened. I can't even find out the issue since when the Tmbile rep called it simply sent her to my voice mail.

I am desperately trying to figure out a fix or see if I am the only one with this issue......THANKS!!!!

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