Tmobile Theme Chooser and CM7 Handset Mic mod


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Apr 13, 2011
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Maybe I am crazy, but I am having issues with the CM7 Theme Chooser. It goes like this:

Did an install of thekraven's CM7 3-7d build, flashed the gapps and handset mic mod. All works great! :)

I used the included Theme Chooser to switch the theme from "System" to Cyanbread, 'cause I like the subdued blue icons and other stuff a little more. I rebooted as several posts suggested. All still works great, except now when I get a call, the other caller can hear me but I cannot hear them through the headphones.

I reboot to recovery and flash the handset mic mod again and it restores the theme to "System" and everything works again--including the phone with the headphones and handset mic, but the theme is not really the one I was looking to use.

Given that several icons change, I'm guessing that changing the theme with this program switches out the framework-res.apk or the SystemUI apk. Is this correct and Is this where the handset mic fix makes the changes? Any easy way to get it to work with the Cyanbread theme?

Thank you!


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Mar 2, 2011
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the theme chooser just switches out images, nothing more, it is possible to make some apps forceclose if you do not use the correct images. For example, if you use regular images instead of 9's it will do that, especially with the activity title bar lol.....

other than that i'm not sure if changing themes could completely bork a feature as that......
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