To Droid X Or Not To Droid X?


Nov 17, 2010
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I keep seeing some very shiny Droid X packages (phone w/clear ESN, 2 batts, car and desk dock, screen protector, MicroSD card and etc.) on eBay going for 350 or so and I'm still on the fence about whether or not to go with an older device like the DX or a newer one like the Tbolt or (eventually) the Bionic.

Should I wait for the unicorn, or grab the horse next to me?

Also, how does the DX function without a Verizon plan? I don't have the money now to activate the monthly data, so for the moment it would function as a replacement to my iPod touch G1 (it's so slow!), but eventually it would be fully activated and running on the network.


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May 5, 2010
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I don't mean this to sound insulting, but if you can't afford to activate the phone, I'd stick with the flip phone (or whatever you have) and wait. When your financial situation improves, so will have the phones.


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Aug 14, 2010
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You can get a cheaper bad esn one and activate it on Cricket.
Check with your local dealer as some Cricket markets require a triband phone. The X is a dual.
You get what you pay for though. Dont expect great coverage or even average support. Support on cricket is bassically what you receive at a local dealer.

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Jul 2, 2010
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I wouldn't go for one with a bad ESN because if I had my phone stolen I wouldn't want the thief to make money off it...

If money's tight and you really want a WiFi-only device I think Samsung has a model that would fit the bill (essentially a ~3.5" tablet). That said, the X works great as a WiFi-only device - I used it like that for almost a month in Taiwan. I'm not sure if there are any extra gotchas if the phone's never been activated, but the X will be useful long after I upgrade it.