To root or not to root EVO 4G...

Should I root this phone?

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Mar 30, 2014
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A relative just bought me a Galaxy S4. I am told that I should root my old EVO 4G before transferring everything to the new phone. This way I can clean out bloatware, name pictures and such, get pictures out of SMS that aren't able to download at the moment, and download WiFi tethering apps for use after the GS4 activation. Is rooting necessary to do all of this? I've never rooted before and I am not sure if Sprint will transfer and activate my new phone (GS4) if the old phone EVO 4G is rooted.

If I do root the EVO 4G, would I need to unroot before activating the GS4? Regardless I will be activating the GS4 soon but I don't want to transfer unnecessary files and I want to have backed up what I need to have backed up from my old phone (contacts, text messages, and fun apps). The old phone would serve just as a wifi enabled - music/movie device only. Not for resale. Any advice would be immensely helpful.

EVO info: Baseband Version:
Kernel version: 18-2#1
Software #: 5.07.651.6710RD
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Jun 28, 2010
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Rooting the EVO should not have any effect on activating the GS4. Since you are keeping the EVO, Sprint could care less what you do with it.