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Aug 9, 2012
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Once before I wrote about Copy translate, there were some technical problems and the graphics itself was tragic:)
Fortunately, it's all gone. I will present you a new version, with a different name and new graphics. Of course, the functionality has been improved and I hope that will satisfy your needs:)

I present to you Copy Translate!
For those interested to download from Google Play


Description of Application
**** It is a tool that allows translation of words / phrases without leaving your book, webpage, or any article. By combining the functionality of your phone, such as copy and notifications tool translate to us the text in a quick and convenient way. How does it work? The user selects the language from which the application will be translating, then clicks start and out of the application forgetting all translating applications, because now your phone is equiped with an additional possibility of translation. Now just copy the text in which we chose after a few seconds translation appears in the notification. No need to leave the books that are read or website. All this without unnecessary switching between applications. Just read notifications. And all this in a simple, attractive and intuitive interface. Completely free and without ads. The translation service is used MyMemory - Machine translation meets human translation. Not long service will be replaced by Google Translate and with enhanced automatic language detection in order to enhance its functionality. A smartphone itself has become even more helpful.

Some screens : )