Total Signal Blackout?


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Jul 20, 2011
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So this morning I wake up and turn on my phone. The signal is poor, and with my half-awake brain I just decide that it's time to install a new ROM I install the latest cm10 nightly. After that, the phone doesn't even recognize my sim card. The signal keeps jumping between one bar and zero bars, but it still doesn't detect my sim card. What do I do? I just brush it off and say it's the rom even though nobody else is having the same issue. At this point i decide to just completely flash back to stock and unroot. I do that, and eventually I get a message saying that my sim card changed. For whatever reason it still recognizes my number, but it says the card changed. And here's the most interesting part. I have data now but I can't text or make a call. When I try to call anyone it says "mobile network not available". It's still jumping between 0 and 1 bar, even though I have 4g. So I'm pretty much stuck right now. Anyone having the same issue?