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Touch screen freezes, phone/apps still running. Has anyone else had this issue?


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Touch screen freezes, phone/apps still running

I'm hoping someone has a solution for touch screen freezes I have been getting. I read many other posts but none really seem to fit my issue. My phone starts to run a bit slow and laggy at times and what happens is that my touch screen freezes. I can still see what is on my screen, the power button to turn the screen on and off works, the menu works (although I can't click anything on screen). The weird thing is though, if I pull down the notification menu, it lets me click once to select a running app or a shortcut and then nothing else. If I hold down the power button down, I get the menu to restart/shutdown, etc.., but again, can't click anything. Holding the home button down, I can see my running apps, but cant click anything. Anyone else have the same issue?