Touchdown Task Questions - Also Astrid Task Questions


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Dec 1, 2009
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Just got a Droid yesterday. Liking the experience, but I need to figure out a way to handle my daily task list efficiently on this device. I am connected to a corporate exchange server and have Touchdown up and running perfectly.

Two question on Touchdown that I would like addressed:

- I have a bunch of recurring tasks. It seems when I mark them complete the recurrence does not get generated. Is this a known issue and is the developer addressing it.

- Is it me or does Touchdown not let you add a category to tasks?

I am coming from a Blackberry Bold with Pocket Informant, and Treos with
Agendus before that. I tend to be a heavy task user.

I also signed up for an RTM account and installed Astrid on my Droid.

- Is there a way to have multiple levels of prioritizaiton for sorting in Astrid? Also multiple filters. Examples:

I would like to sort -
- first on due date
- second on priority
- third on the description as I embedd a Franklin Planner type tag (A1), (A2)... at the front of my task description.

This way I get my due tasks sorted by due date and then priority.

For filters I would like to be able to see overdue + due today. Sometimes tomorrow too!

Any other suggestions?

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