Touchwiz Home freeze all the time (Note 3), what can I do?


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Touchwiz Home freeze all the time (Note 3)

So i am using Samsung Note 3 for 2 years already and last night when i am opening one of my application, suddenly my phone freeze. I did restart my phone but it happening again and again and even getting worst. When my phone just got restarted, after a while it got freeze, i can turn off the display by clicking the power button, but i cannot touch the display, it did nothing. After that i turn off my phone and let it off until this morning, i try turn it on again by hoping the problem is solved, but sadly it not. I do research and find out that so many people facing this problem, but mine is worse, because i really cannot use my phone since it freeze all the time, i try to use other launcher ( Zero Launcher ), my phone can work for a while but after some time it freeze again.
I also try to wipe the cache partition ( turning my phone off and then click home button + volume Up + power button at the same time, and then choose wipe partition cache and then reboot the phone ), but it did not work.

Please somebody give me some advise or solution that really works. Thanks.


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Jan 26, 2013
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Re: Touchwiz Home freeze all the time (Note 3)

It's hard to tell what may be happening. It could be just about anything. Have you tried starting the phone in Safe Mode? You might try that to see if it's an app that's causing the problem. If the phone works in Safe Mode, you'll have to start disabling/uninstalling apps until you find out which one could be causing your problem. If Safe Mode doesn't work, then perhaps a factory reset (from recovery) is in order. Note that a factory reset will wipe all your data off the phone, so make sure to back up everything you care about first.

Since you didn't specify you carrier, here's a Google search page for Note 3 Safe Mode. The procedure should all be about the same. Try it.

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