Transfer files to new SD card


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Sep 1, 2016
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Hi. I have a Galaxy Note20 Ultra. How do I transfer from my 256 GB microSD to a new 512 GB microSD as seamlessly as possible? I know I can copy media files to a PC or other intermediate location and copy again to a new card. I just don't want to break any phone features by not transferring critical system files or settings.

-I know there's an app to transfer phone-to-phone. Is there an app to migrate to a new SD card?
-Is there such as thing as imaging one SD card to another like PC hard drives?
-Do I need to format the new card in the phone before using?
-Will the new formatted card then be readable if I want to pop it into the Windows PC card reader? I didn't test that with the existing 256 GB SD for fear of corrupting something.
-Does formatting a new card create all necessary system folders and system files on the new card?
-Once I format the new card, what do I need to copy/move to it to continue using it without breaking any phone features? If I have any apps installed on the old card, how do I move app settings/app data to the new card? Do I have to tell each app to use the internal storage before removing the old card?