Transfer from Android phone to WIndows drive deletes 3/4 of multimedia file, why?


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Jun 7, 2022
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Hello, I have a Motorola series fully updated Android phone that has never given me any trouble and a recently updated Windows 11 computer. This morning I tried to transfer a large multimedia file to an external Windows based hard drive.

There were no visible errors but the process rapidly completed (faster than usual, starting normally but completing rapidly). The original file on my phone was approximately 1.2 GB but on transfer to the external hard drive the file size was approximately 1/4th of the original and time length of the multimedia file was 1/4 of the original length of the file. At this time the file doesn't open and there is no similar file remaining on the phone.

What happened in this situation? The "cut and paste" feature was used and the file transfer was over USB. I have done this process hundreds of time with the same phone and the same Windows set up and never had this happen.

Would I be able to find any traces of the original file anywhere? I doubt it because I read that the "cut" part removes the file from the phone and the paste file has already been applied (although incorrectly). I tried Recuva to see if any type of temporary file could be recovered from the external hard drive but there was nothing. I tried to access the phone through Recuva but it is not rooted and not visible to Recuva.

Thank you.


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Apr 26, 2022
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Your file has been deleted. This type of Android recovery software requires you to root your phone, so if you want to recover them, you need to root your phone first.

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