Transferring Number While Under Contract?


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Feb 15, 2010
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Hi, I've recently become pretty active on these forums, and am really looking forward to getting my Android phone(Samsung Moment most likely). My contract is up on March 27th, however I just found out that the contract of another person on my account isn't up for a while longer. I do not wish to wait, but I would like to transfer the phone number from their cell. I have been a long time user of Verizon, and while I like it, the cost to move to Sprint just fits so much better for my family plan, so I can not resist. Can I do this? Do I just sign up with a new carrier, ask to transfer number and will that take care of it? Or do I need to do something special instead? Just was wondering if anyone has done this, and how they handled it.

I am aware that I will be charged a early termination fee for canceling the contract. I just wasn't sure if I can do that and transfer my number. Also how is Verizon handling cancellations? Is it a flat $175 dollar fee per line or something? Or do they take off some money for the length of time you have completed? I thought I remember seeing somewhere that they took off 5 bucks per month that you had completed, but I wasn't sure if that applied to everyone, including contracts that were preexisting.

Any helpful information is greatly appreciated. And I have really enjoyed this community so far, and appreciate all the help I have gotten so far. Hopefully soon I can do more contributing with the help once I have my Android phone :)

Cory Streater

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Sep 21, 2009
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Each # on the account is handled separately. You can port out 1 of the 2 numbers, but if you port out a number that is under contract you will be charged an early term fee. Instead of guessing what that fee will be, I would call Verizon and ask them directly. Whether it is pro rated or not and how much it is, depends on how your contract reads and when you signed it.

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