Trapped in a Samsung Session Expired/Two-Step Authentication Loop


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Sep 2, 2021
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I got sick of those constant messages about Samsung Cloud or One Drive or whatever that I never used or wanted to use, so I tried to uninstall and disable as much as I could. But then I started getting notifications that say Samsung account | Session expired.

I can't disable these notifications or do anything to hide them. When I tap them, I'm taken to a sign in screen. I enter my password.

The next screen are five options. Three options use circle checkboxes:
I agree to all.
Turn on Customization Service (optional)
I agree to share information about my contacts with Samsung so that I can use the Samsung Social service. (optional) This may use mobile data or text messages, which could result in additional charges.

Below those three options is a < DECLINE and an AGREE >. I don't want any of the other things, so I just tap AGREE >.

I am then taken to another sign in screen where I have to enter my password again. So I do so.

Then, I am prompted with a screen that asks, "Turn on two-step verification? To use this app or service, your account needs to be protected by two-step verification." There's a blue 'Get started' button, a faint grey 'Not now' button. There is also a 'CLOSE' option below. If I tap 'Not now,' then I'm thrown back to the previous sign in screen and I need to re-enter my password. When I tap 'Get started,' I go to a screen that asks to verify my phone number. I do so and tap the blue 'Send code' button.

If I don't receive the text immediately, then I know I lost my connection to my network and need to text myself for it to show up, and if I do that, I can't navigate back to that verification screen and need to restart the process. After doing that, or if I do get the text, I have to look at the code from the notification and NOT go to my texts or else I have to start over.

After I enter the code and tap 'Go,' nothing happens. If I tap the phone's back button to get out of the input menu, I can see a faded blue 'Verify' button, which also does nothing. There's a grey 'Extend time' button that will prevent the code from expiring, but there's nothing that I can see that can complete this process. The only thing I can do is back out and dismiss this notification every 30 minutes or so.

Please help, this is so stupid and annoying. I'm using an S7 Edge SM-G935FD with Android 8.0.0.

EDIT: I didn't take the paid app suggestion seriously. I took a look, but I'm not willing to do what should be possible without having to pay for a service by rooting and using whatever tools that are freely available.

I managed to solve the problem when I thought to repost this issue on a Samsung forum, but ended up on the Samsung website. They gave me the same prompts for the required two-step authentication, but it actually let me click the verify button. I'm not happy that they essentially forced me to give my number to them, and they'll most definitely sell it to marketers, but I haven't had those notifications pop up in several hours. It all comes down to the phone software being broken, but using a desktop web browser was all I needed to do.​
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