Traveling again overseas question


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Feb 2, 2013
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Hello everyone! If this post is in the wrong area sorry in advanced.

I would like to better understand the infrastructure of the Android OS, echo system and the Google data centers.

Currently I own the Google Nexus 5 device factory unlocked witch I am very happy with. During 2012 I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo. When I arrived at the hotel I connected to Wifi and was instantly updated with emails and messages I had not received during the flight. At this time I was using an Galaxy Note II unlocked and could place any sim in the tray.

Had some issues with different applications not loading because of a "Server connection issue" I think this was related to the ad servers. One application such as Gun Bros would not load. Found some games that the kids could play to keep busy and they had a heck of a time downloading.

Internet connection issue ? Ping times to high ? Has Google added data centers that might help correct this ? Any input on this would be appreciated. I did see a few people with iPhone's but did learn that their iTunes selection is very limited with almost no tv\ movie selections and a cut on their music selections. Apps seemed fine..

Thank you