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Travelling to Europe need advice on SIM


New member
Jul 23, 2011
I'm visiting Italy in a few weeks and might travel to other European countries while I'm there. I have a Verizon Galaxy Note Edge and Verizon advised me that the European international plan is expensive and doesn't really give you much data, voice minutes or texts. I looked into and they were right, they suggested I just pick up a SIM card when I got to Italy.

Does anyone have any suggestions on which SIM to buy or where to go? Any and all help appreciated! :-[


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Each country is different, so you'll need to figure it based on the length of each stay. If you'll be in a country for close to a month, a one month prepay may be the cheapest for that country. If you'll only be in each country for a few days, there are cards that will work anywhere in Europe, but they're more expensive than most one month prepay cards (but not that much more).

Each individual situation has to be evaluated separately. There's on "one best way if you're going to Europe" method of doing it.