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Tronsmart TS-CC4P 4 Port car charger with Qualcomm Quick Charging!


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Jul 30, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I got a new car charger and figured I'd put a quick review of it up here. The short of it - it's awesome and you should get it. It has 4 ports total, 3 of which are able to do the "normal" 2 amp 5v charging that Samsung devices used to come with, and then the other port is capable of also QualComm Quick charging, which is 1.67 amp 9v charging.

I've been using quick charging on my Note 4 (and now Note 5) for about a year and the difference is really staggering. It made me not worry about my battery as long as I had a charger and a wall to plug it into, then I thought "hey, what if I could have this in the car?" and volia! Fast charging in the car. The only thing that would make this type of tech better is if there was a Fast Wireless Car Charger out there.


I've never used all 4 ports, but I have used 3 simultaneously and it didn't seem to slow down the charging on any device (Note 5, Note 10 2014, and Gear S all at the same time). Attached are a few photos.

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