True hands free bluetooth voice dialing app


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Jan 6, 2013
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Does anyone know of an app like Choice Dialer Plus that works on the Samsung Galaxy S3 32gb?

I bought the premium app of Choice Dialer Plus to use on my HTC EVO through my Plantronics Voyager Pro bluetooth, which it did an excellant job.

Now, however I have replaced my EVO with this Samsung Galaxy S3 32gb that has the "Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich"
capabilities???, and the CDP is not compatible with it and the developer has no intention of making it so.

I have tried Skyvi, Utter, My Motospeak, Vlingo, Iris

None of these worked and no confirmation capabilities. Vlingo started dialing random numbers on it's own, very embarassing
since this is primarily a work phone.

Can anyone suggest an app that actually works like Choice Dialer Plus for this phone?