Trying Page Plus on VS980 LG G2- but getting Verizon's Phone Activation Screen?


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Hi everyone - first post here so try and bear with me as I am a newbie to all the terminology.

I have a VS980 that was active with Verizon for two years through my work. I was able to keep the phone once they upgraded to the S6. I have an active T-Mobile sim card that works in the VS980 with some changes to the APN. I can get text messages, call, and 4glte data with the T-Mobile sim card. The only issue was the ? on the sim card, which I understand can be removed with some mods. I don't get a T-Mobile signal at my house or my wife's workplace so I am trying to change to Page Plus. I ordered the 4g sim card and plan, activated per the instructions but I cannot make any calls, send texts and have no data. Page Plus says everything is working on their end.

I've reset the phone by turning it off and using the Power/Volume Down combination. When I insert the Page Plus sim and restart the phone I get what looks like a Verizon 'Phone Activation' screen. See attached picture. I can get out of this screen to the home screen, but still do not have any data. What is weird is that my phone shows "4GLTE" and an active 3 signal bars.

It is my understanding the VS980 comes unlocked and I have ready many others who use Page Plus on this phone, but why am I having this issue? Does this Verizon 'Phone Activation' have anything to do with it? If I do dial a 10 digit phone number I get a pre-recorded message saying "Welcome to Verizon Wireless, please hold while your call is transferred to an external operator where you should be able to completed your call with a credit card...."

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