Trying to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Apr 30, 2015
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I've been trying to get a new/manufacture refurbished Galaxy note 4
However where i live there are no stores that sell it, I'm in Europe, Croatia.
(I only found one add for a White new duos, i might consider it but id rather have a black normal one, and Ive heard Duos has a signal problem but i dont know for sure, and new batteries will be harder to find)

I found some deals on Ebay but im very worried about the legitimacy of them
Since im In europe ill only be looking at those deals, also i cant purchase from amazon

-- claims manufactire refurbished, but i dont know how to prove (without purchasing) that it really is and not just seller refurbished or even fake
Seller claims they have no proof and warrany is seller warranty
How does a random ebay seller even get a manufacture refurbished units?
-- this ones new but again, no manufacturer warranty, has seller 90 days warranty

Both of these sellers have high ratings but the negative feedback often points out fake items or used items when advertised as new on their other items.

theres also this german one, but i cant seem to login into the german ebay site somehow.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM N910F 32GB 4G Schwarz Gold Pink Weiß Android Smartphone | eBay
Dont know what to think of it, also has feedback saying they sell used devices.

I dont know what to think of ebay all of these sound suspicious and more trouble then worth on the other hand they have a lot of happy customers also, but theres no note4 to be bought anywhere else, if these really are fraudulent then ill have to settle with the duos or a used phone.

What do you think of these listings, do they smell of fraud?

Also If this isn't the right place to post such a question, please direct me somewhere where i could get help.

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