Trying to Identify M8 TV Box Board Part


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Jul 27, 2016
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Trying to ID a part on a M8 TV Box Board. It is located next to the heat sink on the board almost equal distance from both the PE015-125 TP (of which there are several along one side of the board) and the Chip Labeled Pluse (it is closer to the TP Chip). The Item appears to be silver in color but is coated in black and the black substance has it glued to the board. The board where it is glued to is discolored around the part. Because of the black substance I am unable to read any numbers as they are covered. Believe that if this is like a exploded cap it might be what is responsible for my box dropping out of streaming videos to the selection menu at various points while playing them (I could be wrong on this, and if any one has other ideas, please advise). I have a picture I could attach if I could figure out how to do so. I Thank you, for your time.