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Trying to install Exodus 5.1.1 Rom on Oneplus 2


New member
Nov 15, 2015
I have a OPT i bought through an import company. The existing O/S was to be changed with the Exodus 5.1.1 Rom as requested in the setup instructions. The phone has been rooted and TWRP ready. I went through the process step by step but when i try to install the Rom zip it comes up with the message " Error executing updater binary in zip'/sd card/exodus-5.1-2015 1113-Nightly-z3.zip " I've tried to bring the mobile back to how it was but it now says it has no operating system on it. I've gone over the process step by step a dozen times but each time it comes up with the same error. I'm stuck as to where to go from here and i'm afraid i might have bricked it. PLEASE, is there anyone out there that can give me straight forward directions as to where to go from here. It doesn't have to be the Exodus Rom just as long as i can get it up and running again. The original system that came with the mobile was fine but it wouldn't load the OTA updates even though they where there to install; on the point of installation the updates failed. PLEASE can anyone take pity on this misserable soul and come to the rescue before the phone turns into a freezbie !!
Many thanks in advance.