Trying to Install Facebook App from Play Store Crashes Phone, how can I stop this?


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Trying to Install Facebook App from Play Store Crashes Phone

I have a factory unlocked Moto G I bought from Motorola's US site, which I currently use with Cricket. It's the 2nd Gen, 2014, US GSM non-LTE model. I recently got the Android 6.0 OTA update, and after installing it I decided to do a factory reset of my phone -- I hadn't done so since I bought it last Summer and it was starting to run a big sluggish.

I reinstalled all of my apps from the Play Store (I don't have anything sideloaded at present), but for some reason the Facebook app never installs. It downloads, says it's installing for about 10 minutes, then crashes. My phone then gets stuck in the boot screen until I pull the SIM and SD card, then reboot again. My battery is nonremovable, so I can't pull that.

I've tried completely uninstalling FB Messenger (which did install correctly), along with removing them from my list of apps on the Play Store. I also cleared all my cache and app data for the Play Store app, and used the ES SD Card Analyzer to remove any redundant/duplicate/junk files. No success.

Not sure what I can try to troubleshoot from here. I'd like to avoid another clean install, as it took me all day to set everything else up again. Any suggestions? My phone is encrypted and my SD card data is "migrated" with my internal storage using the new utility in Android 6.0, if that matters at all. Thanks!

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