Trying to salvage Evo 4G


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Feb 15, 2011
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So I dropped her comin out the car..I know right? ~and the badly cracked screen was soon [I guess what they call a bleeding screen??] {color spilling out in horror never to be the same again....? Well then luck would have it that another Evo dropped into my lap that had its own share of problems, but between the two of them... I got to become quickly educated with a overnight degree in google- till brave enough for surgery. First of all, with all that bleeding, is it safe to assume that whatever is behind the glass is no good? well I did assume that and proceeded to just replace the frame (on the second Evo) that was pretty beat up, along with some missing buttons. But it had a picture, I thought I was coming along fine until, I hit a point when tightening back the screws the screen would like..short out. {black} until I kinda isolated the problem area, and only upon tampering it in the same screwy way...the lights could and would come back on. Nothing Horrible, however frusterating...cuz I couldnt ever really understand nor see what was shorting it out. But I could live with it. But upon the last touches, my screen was on but now there was no touch responce. The screen nor the bottem four. By the way three more things I wanted to mention, the screen was always like dingy green. Defenently off. And figgured out that the mic was not working, and was wondering where it was and how difficult to replace. ....And those little gold pieces under the hood...I dindnt need all of them in tact did I? I'm guessing I did. Im missing two. Im sure someone has got answers for me. Im a Loyal Droid fan and owner of the original Hero. Iwould appriciate the help thx!;)

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