trying to sign a .zip


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Feb 9, 2010
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I have two walk throughs that I follow both by gbhil. One for signing an update and one for signing a rom. one using winsign one not. I have tried both ways and after i enter the code into command prompt i get a reply

"usage: signapk publickey.x509[.pem] privatekey.pk8 input.jar output.jar"

can somebody please tell me whats going on? This first started when I was making icons and created an update to be flashed over the current rom, so I did it using winsign which included everything including the boot.img, and for awhile it was fine, but now i get the same response in cmd reguardless which way I do it. I have double tripple checked the commands that I'm entering and I know they work cuz A) I got them from gbhil and B) they have worked in the past. Anyway all help is appreciated