TTS goes from online to offline voice minutes after screen turns off then stops


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Sep 22, 2023
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I have used eReader Prestígio and Speech Recognition and Synthesis by Google to listen to books every day for years and had nothing but positive reviews to share. A few days ago, however, that changed.

After the screen goes off, the TTS goes on functioning perfectly as usual until, a few minutes in, the online/network voice turns into the offline/local voice. This is, quite frankly, an enormous problem for me, since the first is as natural-sounding as it gets for free while the second sounds rather robotic and off-putting. If I unlock my phone and open the reader the natural voice resumes. Like clockwork, a few minutes after the screen goes dark, the voice suffers the atmosphere-shattering change again. If I leave it running it goes on for a few more minutes and then the read aloud functionality stops altogether.

I never had, nor currently have, this problem with my old Oukitel Y4800 (Android 9), which keeps working correctly hours after the screen goes off, but it is happening now with my new Xiaomi Redmi 12 (Android 13), which I just bought as replacement due to irreparable battery issues. I also tried a different phone, a Leeco X829 (Android 13), and it encounters that issue as well.

I have checked the WiFi network, the battery settings, the app permissions, and I can't seem to find what's causing this to occur. I tried running previous versions of both the reader and the engine and nothing changes. I even tried running other e-book readers, such as Evie, and TTS browsers, like T2S, but the issue somehow persists.

Since it's something I use several hours a day I'd truly appreciate if someone would be able to help me solve this.

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