Turn off Full Screen in Netflix?


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May 10, 2010
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This is driving me insane. Is there a way to make Netflix NOT expand videos to full screen? I am trying to watch Frasier for the first time, and because it is 4:3, Netflix and the S9 are cropping HUGE amounts from the top and bottom to fit the video to the edges. The toggle is grayed out in the settings, there doesn't seem to be a setting in the app, and there isn't enough 2:1 content to warrant mandating full screen.

Adam Frix

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Nov 29, 2015
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Wow, you're right. That's an incredible problem.

I had an issue with Netflix earlier tonight on my Fire TV box. I started Ozark season 2 episode 1, and immediately the recap started. But a few seconds later I got interrupted for something; I tried to pause, but I couldn't pause the recap no matter how hard I tried. I had to back out of it.

When I went back to it, episode S02E01 started right away with no recap. WTF? Apparently Netflix thinks (a) you should never want to pause the recap, and (b) any viewing of the recap means you've viewed it all the way.

Further, I couldn't find any way to get back to the recap. Even the Netflix guy on the phone couldn't. Finally I found it in "trailers & more". WTF, Netflix?

Summary: Netflix sucks at its core business. They're too busy "disrupting" or whatever tech companies do, and too busy making "Netflix originals" that no one really wants to see, to know how to deliver content in a rational way to end users.

UPDATE: I called Netflix, and the agent had me pinch the screen. Voila. It wasn't a gradual zoom; it was a sudden switch to the 3:2 ratio that we need.

He knew I was on a newer Samsung. He said the whole newer weird screen dimensions are giving fits.