Turning off Sense UI - Technical Implications?


Mar 11, 2010
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Hey all,

I only learned about a week ago that it is possible to turn off the Sense UI (on the Desire which is what I'm waiting for) and turn it back to the stock Android UI.

I remember many HTC reps, and they spoke about it again at the MWC, saying Sense is baked into the OS rather than a skin. Now, I'm not actually interested in which one is better. But I'm just confused as to how this is possible and what are the implications.

Is this to say that either:
1. Sense is essentially a separate program running on Vanilla Android?
2. You're not actually turning off Sense in the same way that running DOS in windows, or turning off the traction control in a Mercedes are simulated nude/stripped down environments. But you're still in the clutches of Sense/Windows/Mercedes saftey gadgets but they just hide in the background.

If it's point 1. (which I'm guessing it's not) that means that you can separate Sense from Android and just update the Android part when it comes out then re-mod with Sense when they update it to match. Or, any issues you have in sense can just be turned off in favour of Vanilla.

If it's point 2. then vanilla Android is essentially a skin.

Anyone have technical know-how to shed some light on this? :confused:

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