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Two separate Gmail issues: No delegated accounts or replying as the address an email was sent to


AC Question

Both of these features used to be available, pre-lollipop. But the option was still there when I was running the Lollipop gmail APK in kit kat.

So are these options really gone, or is there some way to use them that I'm missing? Not being able to access a delegated account in the gmail app seems insane to me considering that Google Apps for business exists, and delegated accounts are very important.

Replying as the account an email was sent to is a bigger deal to me, though. Replying to an email as the wrong account could be a big issue. Instead now I have to choose the right account from the drop-down menu and it always defaults to the main account no matter which one the email was originally sent to. The browser interface in gmail specifically has a setting for this.