Ubuntdroid4 - Couple of Questions


Feb 23, 2011
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So I just flashed my Optimus T to Ubuntdroid 4 this morning. Looks awesome so far, but I'm new to this and I have a couple of questions, and was hoping you guys could steer me in the right direction...

1) Can/How do I access the overclock/proc speed settings? I've seen some screenshots of people being able to display and/or manually adjust their clock speed and was wondering how they are getting to those options?

2) Is it possible to change to a different color scheme? While the gray/black looks slick, I'm more of a fan of lighter shades of colors, especially considering my wallpapers are family pics, and are of lighter/brighter colors themselves.

And last but not least, is there a tutorial/video walkthrough that will show me all the ins and outs of this ROM and how to get the most out of it? I imagine that would probably answer both of the questions that I've asked, so if there is a tutorial, that would be awesome.

Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Nickolas


Jan 14, 2011
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You can use either setcpu (paid app) or Overclock widget from the app store.
I don't have any experience w setcpu, but I run the overclock widget and have found that my optimus t can handle 749 for my "screen on" speed with no ill effects. running it any faster gave me some FC probs.
The way to use it is to install it, then hold down on a blank screen area and "add widget" choose overclock widget, then launch it from the screen you added it to and go straight to "detect frequencies" in the settings, (dont check auto start till you have it working ok) then check diff frequency off, i have my screen off set to min:245760 max:320000

to get it to always run as fast as I can with stability I have both "screen on" speeds set to 748800. then check "differ freq screen off box" update interval 30, "use your frequencies" checked,
save like that once and run the phone awhile, if no glitches, go back in and set to auto start on boot, and reboot your phone.
Folks may have had success with other settings, but after fooling with it over several evenings, these are settings that have worked for me. Hope this helps, have a great day!