Unable to access LAN (DLNA, RDP)


Mar 28, 2011
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I picked up my new Bionic on Friday and so far am liking it a lot. One minor issue I have is that I cannot access any resources on my local network at home. I can connect to WiFi just fine but, I am not able to access internal resources.

Here is what I have and what I have done.

To verify my WiFi connection is working I enabled airplane mode and then turned on Wifi. I can connect and browse the internet.

I cannot locate my DLNA server (Tversity) using the built in DLNA client.

I cannot open and RDP session to a Windows 7 host. I get an error message 'No Route to host'

This was/is working without issue using my previous phone (Dinc). I can also access these resources from my Mac.

I downloaded an ipconfig app from the Market and verified information is correct. I also verified I can ping my default gateway. I cannot ping my Windows 7 host I get a 'Destination Unreachable'

The only changes I have made to my Bionic have been root and removing bloatware using the instruction from this forum. Not think that with is causing the issue.

Has anyone else seen this issue?