Unable to change profile pic, access gallery, send bitmoji's, etc. Galaxy Note 10 plus

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Hello All. I am having problems with skype. Unable to change my profile picture, access my gallery, send bitmoji's, almost anything related to pictures in skype. I had this problem previously and solved it by upgrading my version of skype, but it's reappeared. Here is what I've tried:

1. force stop skype, clear data, reboot phone

2. Uninstall Skype, restart phone, reinstall

3. switch my gallery app default

I am using skype light currently and it "works", but it kinda sucks and would like to be able to use the full version. Does anyone have any troubleshooting ideas i could try, or any experience with this issue? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. not sure if this is a skype or android issue.

Galaxy Note 10 plus