Unable to connect to PC via USB cable


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Aug 31, 2011
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I am no longer able to connect my G2x to my computer using the USB cable. I did at one time, and copied music to my phone. I have been on the phone with both LG and T Mobile, neither seem able to provide me with an answer. Haven't even made my last payment and t mobile in all the glory are ready to send me a refurbished phone. Wow only a customer for 6 years. Any ideas. I have tried going into applications and turning on USB mode, didn't work, I have tried formatting, didn't work, plugged my friends phone into my computer with my cable, connected right away. Reset my phone, to factory default, went so far as to reformat my gateway, running windows 7 64 bit, Still no luck. Getting ready to send my phone off for a replacement. Just thought I would check here before I did. Any ideas. I apologize if I sound a little sour. Its just not been a great phone,:(


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Aug 15, 2011
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Connect your phone to your pc via usb cable provided with phone to mount your phone. Follow the prompt. If you have problems getting it to acknowledge your phone, go into settings>sdcard & phone storage and make sure that mass storage is checked. It should prompt you from there. When phone is mounted to computer correctly it should bring up two drives. One for internal sdcard and one for external sdcard. From there you can copy to and from internal sdcard to external sdcard, or between phone and computer.

Go to the page below and follow the instructions:
T-Mobile G2x USB Driver - LG Cell Phones Blog

Good luck, you guy..

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Mar 3, 2011
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The problem is this.

You do not have the correct drivers installed on your pc. Somewhere along the line, the drivers that once were installed on your pc, have gone MIA.

You should;

1. Reinstall the software that shipped with your phone, using Administrator privliges when you install.

or 2. Download and install the Android Driver for your phone, and install it manually. You can goggle that for a download link, or try this,


and 3.Post this in either the Help or How To forum, or the Forum specific for your phone.

I'm sure the mods will see this and move it for you.

Hope it helps!
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