Question Unable to restore chats from this backup in WhatsApp

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Mar 29, 2024
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Once for all ,we all will collectively try to solve this bug by finding a viable troubleshooting method or reporting it to WhatsApp team .

Asking for help for the last time!!. I'm tired of asking for help from everyone and every Channel possible but nobody is. So this is my last request in this issue . I'm trying to solve this issue because it holds tok much sentimental value for me as it contains info about people I have lost .

So here is the detailed explanation of the issue and I hope together we'll solve this issue for good ,which will be beneficial to lot of other people too who are facing the same -

I by mistake deleted the local backup of whatsapp but my google drive is showing i still have the latest backup which is of 24 feb ,2024.but the problem is when i reinstall whatsapp and press restore from drive its shows 'no backup found ' on this really scared please help me out guys. I hope we'll will fix this issue,I'm pretty much devastated

I probably have a insight.Here is step by step process of my issue - [copied from mail to whatsapp]

5.step 1 : install whatsapp ,

step 2:choose language ,

step 3:"welcome to whatsapp" agree and continue ,

step 4:enter phone no ,

step5: phone number verification,

step 6:restore backup( it shows i have backup from 24 february,6:02 am and of 2.0 gb and account: [Personal details redacted - Moderator.]),

step 7: preparing and restoring messages,

step 8:unable to restore your chats from this backup . Do you want to restore your chats from an older backup ? ' restore from older backup'(i guess problem starts from this step),

step 9: if you previously backed up to google storage and want to restore it, give whatsapp permission to check your google account for backups. 'give permission' ,

step 10: when i press my account(account greyed out) 'no backup found for this account'.

I feel like there's an issue/glitch during transition from step 7 to 8 because it should restore my chats there after step 7 and step 8 prompt should not popup. If you can solve this issue by any means, I and others facing the same issue will forever be indebted to you . i hope you will solve the issue .(tell me a tailored troubleshooting method which works for this issue , tell me the source/cause of the issue , contact with whatsapp team/developers and eliminate the issue for good, connect any senior engineer or developer to me atleast.).

If we can pin point whose issue it could be it then then conclusion of this issue would me more streamlined. I guess it's more of a whatsapp glitch or something and it can be corrected by finding a troubleshooting solution for this but itt also could be issue from Google's side like server issue(less likely) or account issue(like how internal of a account work) which might be hindering restoration.

To test when I deleted my moms local files of whatsapp and relied on drive backup which older than mine it recovered without any issue and after step 7 it restored the data and it didn't went to step 8(unable to restore your chats from this backup . Do you want to restore your chats from an older backup ? ')at all.

I have another thing to share that I deleted the whatsapp files from internal storage when it was restoring and one thing more today when I deleted all the whatsapp files from internal storage of another phone(which had a different account ) and restored using Google drive it worked perfectly fine.
New Info-
Today I removed whatsapp from my phone and installed in my sister's phone it restored media but not chats the error message was' sorry,we are unable to restore any of your message history backup.but then I deleted whatsapp again and installed it in my mom's phone because I was not able to copy those media files from my sister's phone but this it recovered media but without any videos .so the question that I had that is my Google drive backup corrupted is ,no it's not corrupted
ted I guess .so it is a whatsapp bug ig.
After i press skip when it doesn't detect a backup it automatically restores all the media (photos, documents,stickers) excluding the backup and database files so basically whatsapp doesn't restores the chats but i now have all the media but not chats.


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May 11, 2024
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I have the same issue. My Whatsapp suddenly shows error message on 28th April 2024 and asked me to restore. I have restored and received error message Unable to restore chats from this backup. Try other backup. I have saved Databases file from my whatsapp folder. And then uninstalled. It wiped out my 20 gb of data includes voice notes, images, videos. I have 13 gb of Voices notes documents images backup on my google drive at that time. I tried multiple times after 3-4 tries. It restored my chats once after giving me error messages. But didn't recovered my media so i have again uninstalled and reinstalled but after that i have not recovered my chats. My google drive backup always goes to resotore media after giving me error message Unable to restore chats from this backup. I have restore my media of 13gb in 1 day. And unfortunately after 1 day on 30th April 2024 my google drive backup got overwritten. But i have databases and media files in my cellphone. I have made backups of them. And tried to restore through local backup more than 20 times. Few times my whatsapp verification code locked out. But after 13 days still I have no solution of restoring my whatapp chats. Now i get simple error message Sorry we cannot restore from this backup. I have uninstalled whatsapp multiple times tried it in my old phone Mi Note 10 and also in new phone Mi Note Pro 13. But no luck everytime same error. If you find some solution kindly let me know. I have contacted whatsapp support through email but they just randomly send solutions (some times regarding sim, some times they say change wifi etc etc) no concrete solution given by Whatsapp.

I am still looking for some soluiton
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