uninstall any app using Canta without root


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Aug 14, 2014
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I like Package Disabler Pro for numerous reasons.

But I don't uninstall anything, just disable. It's too easy to uninstall, say App A, & later find that, App B, no longer works properly as it was dependent on something within App A.

I don't need to reclaim any space, I just don't want all that background app data usage.

Stanley Kubrick

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Jun 14, 2011
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ADB App control running from a PC using a GUI interface is much easier.
Uninstalling an APP does NOT truly uninstall it!!! All you are really doing is deactivating it. Case in point...do a factory reset and voila all the so-called bloatware is magically back! From where did it come? It was always there to begin with when the OEM flashed the phone at the factory.
So while I recommend using ADB App Control (available in the Play Store) and I use it on all my Android phones and tablets...you do not need to uninstall anything...just disable them. It has the EXACT same effect. The amount of space you think you're freeing up by uninstalling them is so ridiculously small that it can hardly even be measured. Not only that but the space you are freeing up is NOT even available for normal stuff as it resides in a special area (so-called partition) where applications are installed. Another reason to disable them is if for some reason uninstalling them causes issues it is much easier to just reenable them than it is to reinstall them.
The choice is your! YMMV


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Sep 9, 2018
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I'll have to look into ADB App Control.

I'm not particularly worried or interested in removing apps from what I assume is a flash image somewhere in device memory, for about what would come back via factory reset. However, there are lots of default included apps that I don't use or want and those all show as consuming space (even if never used, even if it seems the space used is not significant), and right now the only thing I can do about lots of those is to try to disable them (and some of that I don't even think is fully successful). I'd prefer to also be able to get rid of them per se as installed apps, regardless of the fact that they'd come back upon factory reset.

Laura Knotek

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Jan 8, 2011
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With that said, if you don't want Samsung apps, then why buy a Samsung phone or tablet?

I find it funny that a person gets a Samsung phone, then complains about all of the Samsung "bloatware" that is preinstalled. That is like complaining about how Dell or HP preinstalls its stuff the devices they make.

If you don't want carrier apps pre-installed, then get an unlocked/unbranded device, if you don't like or want Samsung or another OEMs apps preinstalled, then don't buy that OEMs devices.

I wish I could get an Android device that doesn't come with Chrome preinstalled.
It is possible to install a clean version of Windows on an OEM branded PC and remove the OEM programs. Also, many people prefer Windows without certain new programs that Microsoft keeps adding to newer versions of Windows. To those users, the additional new features are bloatware because they prefer versions of Windows that didn't have those. However, they need Windows for other reasons and can't use a different OS. Many people prefer to do the same thing with their phones as with their computers.

Stanley Kubrick

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Jun 14, 2011
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I still recommend ADB App Control! You can use it to uninstall or disable any and all apps in mass bunches or one at a time. I also still recommend disabling them instead of uninstalling them. But, if you want to uninstall them then that is possible! Again the choice is your to make!
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