Unknown Icon In Top Bar?


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Dec 2, 2014
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Hello All -

I recently encountered a new icon in the top bar of my Galaxy S4 (Verizon) and was hoping you could help. I have consulted many of the different "icon gallery" type pages online and haven't come across it yet, and I can't currently find my user's manual to consult that, so I come to you all!

It only recently started happening at a certain spot inside the new building I am working in. You can view it in the screen shot below that I took. It is between the "3G" and signal strength bars. It kind of looks like a wifi icon with a house underneath it. I assumed it was a roaming icon, but from what I understand, my phone can not go in to a roaming area within the state of Michigan with my service.

Thanks in advance for any help if you can tell me what it is!



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Sep 11, 2013
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Could this indicate a connection to a femtocell? I think that is what they are called. It is a device that can be used in weak or no signal areas to allow cell phones to make calls using the internet.

I checked my manual and this symbol is not listed there either. My manual was written for Jellybean, this may be something that was changed with KitKat. I have a Verizon S4 as well, and I have never seen it on mine.
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