Unlock without wiping. It’s so important to me.

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I have a Samsung 22 that I let the bill lapse on so I have the Bell Canada SIM card but no cellular service. I use it for wifi calling etc. I moved and realized that I had put a lock code on it a while ago and forgot the pin for it. I can log into my “find my Samsung” page on my computer with it hooked up but it won’t unlock from the webpage because it’s not hooked up to wifi! Can’t hook up to new wifi without unlocking the phone either. Total catch 22. I would do a reset but all my photos of my brother who passed away in November are on there. I would be so upset to lose everything. I was thinking of buying a cheap Canada SIM card and seeing if I got on a prepaid cellular network could I use find my Samsung and unlock the phone. Any help would be so appreciated.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Our condolences for your brother.:'(

Were you automatically backing up photos to Google Photos or OneDrive? Check those sites on your computer browser to see if they're in the cloud. If so, then you can safely do the factory reset.

Is the phone's wi-fi radio actually turned off? If not, it should connect automatically to networks it had connected to previously, so can you bring the phone to a place where you've used wi-fi before and see if it'll connect there?

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