Unlocked s9 plus and T-Mobile network showing LTE+


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Feb 18, 2011
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I have the plus unlocked by Samsung. No carrier branding tied to it. When I’m the city, I get LTE+. When I’m home, I live out of town, I get just LTE. So is the LTE+ that it’s running, the new T-Mobile 600 megahertz network? Or what is it running when it shows LTE+? I also know somebody who had a T-Mobile branded s9 plus and it always just shows LTE. It doesn’t show the + so I am thinking that’s the way T-Mobile wants their branded phone to show. I also confirmed with Samsung that the unlocked version of their phone runs the 600 megahertz band 71 with T-Mobile and their site even supports that info.

Please share your thoughts if you have any.



Jul 14, 2011
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VoLTE and LTE+, 2 totally different and independent things.

You're correct, and my brain must have been high because I was thinking of LTE Advanced but for some reason I also thought it was OK to call it VoLTE. Nevermind OP, this is the right answer!!!!! :p

(Thanks for correcting me, though :) ).